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Durable Boom Lifts Rentals

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At Ahern Rentals we have large selection boom lift rentals. Our goal is for you to rent with confidence knowing that Ahern Rentals can provide the rental equipment you need...always at competitive rates! Our entire boom lift inventory is well maintained to ensure efficient and reliable operation during your rental.

Ahern Rentals also offers articulated boom lifts available in electric, gas or diesel to meet most high reach applications. Ahern Rentals continually strives to maintain a large selection of articulated booms providing ultimate reaching versatility with up, out and over positioning.

Gas vs. Electric Boom Lifts

Gas and electric boom lifts are both reliable and can get the job done. When choosing a boom lift for outdoor rugged jobs where the lift will be exposed to the elements and working long hours, it is often best to go with a gas-powered engine. Gas and diesel allow for more horse power and in general stand up against the elements. Electric booms are great for environmentally sensitive areas along with indoor use where engine fumes are less desirable. Quiet and durable, electric booms have the agility and performance to give you the reach you need for most contraction jobs.

Types of Boom Lifts

Ahern Rentals also offers telescopic booms, otherwise known as stick or straight booms, which are aerial work platforms that extend telescopically. Straight Booms are advantageous for many applications because they offer better horizontal reach than any other aerial platform making them perfect for working in areas with limited access. We offer straight booms from leading brands including: Genie, JLG, Skyjack and Snorkel. If you are looking for a more portable solution we also offer a wide range of towable boom lifts for portability to your next job site.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Articulated boom lifts are the most agile of the lifts. With a narrow turning radius and a combination of up, out and over positioning you can get to those hard to reach work spots.

Telescopic and Straight Boom Lifts

Straight boom lifts, also known as telescopic lifts, offer excellent reach and extension for those tough to reach jobs. Stable and durable these aerial platforms provide the perfect work environment at maximum heights.

Boom Lift Catalog

Articulated Boom Lift

Articulated Booms

Genie Articulated Boom Lift | JLG Articulated Boom Lift
Skyjack Articulated Boom Lift | Snorkel Articulated Boom Lift
Aerial Lift | Electric Boom Lift

Electric Booms

JLG Electric Articulated Boom Lift | Genie Electric Articulated Boom Lift
Snorkel Electric Articulated Boom Lift
Straight Boom Rental

Straight Booms

Genie Straight Boom Lift | JLG Straight Boom Lift
Snorkel Straight Boom Lift | Skyjack Straight Boom Lift
Straight Boom Rental

Telescopic Booms

Genie Telescopic Boom Lift | JLG Telescopic Boom Lift
Snorkel Telescopic Boom Lift | Skyjack Telescopic Boom Lift
Towable Boom Lift

Towable Booms

JLG Towable Articulated Boom Lift | Genie Towable Boom Lift
Snorkel Towable Boom Lift

Boom Lift Information

Articlulated Booms available for rent

Straight Booms available for rent

Telescopic Booms available for rent

More information about Telescopic Booms

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