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Backhoe Loader Rentals

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Ahern Rentals offers a variety of Backhoe Loaders from Case, John Deere, and Kubota.

Backhoe Loader Rental Fleet Includes:

Ahern Rentals has one of the most well-maintained, highest-quality backhoe loader rental fleets in the industry which is supported by an extensive, in-house maintenance program. In addition to routine maintenance, we repaint and refurbish our rental equipment frequently to maintain the appearance and performance of our fleet.

Case Backhoe Rental

A Case backhoe rental is a good choice. Case has been engineering backhoes for 50 years. The Case backhoe design provides excellent visibility, because of its narrow frame, while floating pins and triple bushings provide solid durability. When you rent a Case backhoe you can rest assured that you are getting one of the best backhoe's that the industry has to offer. A Case backhoe rental will provide you with outstanding maneuverability, precise backhoe control of attachments, and electronic fuel injection.

Your Case backhoe rental comes with Case's "Pro Control System", which provides precise control and eliminates over-swing for faster cycle times and accurate placement of buckets or attachments. A Case backhoe rental provides you with Case's "SAHR" (sping-applied, hydraulic-release) brakes for low-effort power-assisted stopping power. An exclusive "Comfort Steer" cuts steering movement in half for increased loader performance an maneuverability in all Case backhoe rentals. Speak to one of our Case backhoe rental representatives to help you choose from multiple Case backhoe rental configurations and the many Case backhoe options that you can customize to meet your job site needs.

John Deere Backhoe Rental

John Deere backhoe rentals provide you with superior comfort and excellent cab visibility. John Deere backhoe rentals come with standard powershift transmission offering smooth, on the go clutchless shifting. Renting a John Deere backhoe allows you to choose a variety of control options and machine configurations to enable you to get the proper John Deere backhoe for your job site. John Deere backhoes have an optional limited-slip mechanical front wheel drive which delivers 80% of available power to the wheel with the best traction. You can engage it "on-the"fly" for true all-wheel drive when you rent a John Deere backhoe. John Deere boasts a best in class deluxe lighting package that includes 10 adjustable work lights that allow you to work longer before sunrise and after sunset.

Speak to one of our John Deere rental representatives to help you choose from multiple John Deere backhoe rental configurations that you can customize to meet your job site needs.

Kubota Backhoe Rental

Kubota backhoe rentals give great driver comfort, because of a full-flat deck that gives a large amount of leg room. Mounting and dismounting a Kubota backhoe is simple and easy. The full-flat deck in our Kubota backhoe rentals substaintially reduces vibration and driver fatigue through the use of rubber mounts. Kubota offers a seat that swivels from front to back with a simple flip of a leaver. When you rent a Kubota backhoe you will be able to utilize the large hydraulic pumps that enable smooth, efficient management of demanding excavation jobs. Stone, gravel, sand, silt, or clay are easily handled with one of our Kubota backhoe rentals.

Speak to one of our Kubota rental representatives to help you choose from multiple Kubota backhoe rental configurations that you can customize to meet your job site needs.

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