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Ahern Rentals offers a variety of Hyster Yard Forklifts for rent or for purchase. Give us a call or click on the "live chat" button for more information on our Hyster Yard Forklifts.

Hyster straight mast forklifts have the Ultima II multi-function control handle with integral palm rest that simultaneously controls the lift/lowering function and one auxiliary function. Precise fingertip control of multiple functions, enhances productivity and operator comfort comes in the Hyster straight mast forklift. Hyster straight mast forklifts come with three and four function valves that are available for clamping and non clamping arrangements. For finite control of attachments in a Hyster straight mast forklift Aux function flow can be adjusted down to a preferred level through the dash display.

Hyster straight mast forklifts feature a nested channel design, full face straight load rollers canted at 3 degrees, solid steel cast cross members and large visibility window. Brass side thrust plugs allow easy mast adjustment during periodic maintenance without removal of disassembly of mast in the Hyster straight mast forklift. The backbone of the Hyster straight mast forklift is the steer axle. Hyster has created a steer axle that is durable, reliable, and virtually maintenance free.

The Hyster straight mast forklift offers an AC traction an pump motors that are less complex than conventional DC motors, which provides superior torque, speed capabilities, reliability, and thermal performance. An impact monitor in the Hyster straight mast forklift is an effective method for reducing damage to the forklift, the facility and the product being moved, because it improves driver accountability. Hyster straight mast forklift impact monitor consistently senses the truck's movement and looks for acute variations in movement that may resemble the forces of an impact.

Ahern Rentals offers a variety well-maintained, high-quality Hyster Yard Forklifts in our rental fleet which are supported by an extensive, in-house maintenance program.

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