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Rent Komatsu Excavators

Ahern Rentals offers a variety of Komatsu Excavators.

A Komatsu excavator is always a wise choice. Komatsu has been building excavators in the United States since the 1970's. The Komatsu excavator boasts a low emission, powerful, turbocharged engine. The Komatsu excavator's engine is a air-to-air after cooled Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 and provides 110kw/148hp. This Komatsu excavator engine meets EPA Tier III and EU stage 3A emission regulations and doesn't sacrifice power or machine productivity. Economy mode on this Komatsu excavator improves fuel consumption has an eco-gauge for energy saving operations and offers an extended idling caution for fuel conservation.

General features of a Komatsu excavator are it's innovative cab design, slip resistant plates for improving foot traction, high pressure in line hydraulic filters, and rear view monitoring system for viewing the work area to the rear of the machine on the monitor panel. An Easy to view and use 7" large multi color monitor inside the Komatsu excavator can be displayed in 10 different languages for global support. A large comfortable cab for the Komatsu excavator operator helps reduce noise and offers low vibration with cab damper mounting. The Komatsu excavator cab is also highly pressurized with auto air conditioning and an operator seat and console with an armrest that enables operations in the appropriate operational posture. Ahern Rentals has the most well-maintained, highest-quality Komatsu Excavators in the industry which is supported by an extensive, in-house maintenance program.

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