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Ahern Rentals is an authorized scissor lift rental dealer for the industry's most reliable and recognized brands, including JLG, Genie, and Snorkel Aerial Reach products. We offer both gas scissor lifts and electric scissor lift models with features that include platform heights up to 50 feet. Our scissor lifts also come equipped with non-marking tires, and workstation trays. They have the capability to be driven when fully elevated. Whether you’re searching for a new or used lift, Ahern can accommodate any high-reach job. We specialize in scissor lift rentals, sales, and financing. We also have repair stations at every location and service most brands of scissor lifts and aerial platform lifts. Ahern believes the quality and availability of parts and service for your scissor lift are significant elements in overall customer satisfaction. With reliable equipment and dependable service, we pride ourselves for being the best in rentals and sales of scissor lifts, aerial platforms, and high-reach equipment.

Rent, Buy, or Finance a Scissor Lift with Confidence

Full range of high-turnover parts for equipment we sell and rentWe work closely with our industrial customers to endure an excellent sales experience, from helping you choose the right scissor lift, delivering your construction equipment on-time, and helping you service your new or used aerial work platforms to ensure a longer equipment life. If you’re looking for a short term or long term rental, we offer competitive rates on all of our equipment. Our scissor lifts are rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and we’All help you select from a wide assortment of high reach equipment to best meet your individual needs.

Whether your industry requires electric or gas powered scissor lifts, Ahern will make the decision process as simple as possible. We have professional staff on hand to assist you when determining the type of scissor lift to rent or purchase.

JLG Scissor Lift

JLG manufactures a wide selection of scissor lifts, and is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. The scissor lift gives you great lifting capacity and efficient workspace. They usually have a greater lifting capacity than boom lifts, and gives you a larger work platform however, it usually can only be raised vertically. The exception to this is an option which allows for an extension of the platform.

The maximum platform height available on JLG scissor lifts is 50 ft., and there are a variety of models of both gas powered for rough terrain and electric powered lifts. The electric powered models feature long battery duty cycles which allow for hours of operation, and come in platform height ranges of 19 to 40 feet. The electric models also feature quick lift speeds and easy operation, which improves worker productivity. There are many industries which use the JLG electric scissor lift, including maintenance, distribution, industrial, construction, and even the entertainment industry. Other great examples of electric scissor lift uses are warehouses, recreation facilities, hotels and education centers.

Gas scissor lifts give you the best performance on rough terrain and uneven surfaces. The platform height range for gas powered machines is between 33 ft. to 50 ft. The rough terrain scissor lift features fast dive speeds and easy to use controls that allow for efficient handling, as well as rigid scissor arms which give the user a sturdy platform to work with.

Rent JLG Gas Scissor Lifts

JLG gas scissor lift models are great for applications where you need more workspace and more lifting capacity. JLG gas scissor lifts provide a larger work area and generally higher load capacities then boom lifts. With standard four wheel drive, optional hydraulic leveling jacks, and up to 45 percent gradeability our JLG gass scissor lifts take you where you need to go.

With a narrow 69 inch chassis the JLG gas scissor lift can fit into spaces that other gas scissor lifts can't. Some JLG gas scissor lift models have an optional one-touch leveling jack for quicker setup and a maximum lift and lower time of 43 seconds which allows you more time to get your work done. New twin pump powered 4 wheel drive gives a JLG gas scissor lift a higher level of performance over rought terrain.

Rent JLG Electric Scissor Lifts

JLG electric scissor lift offers a great benefit of reduced charging time and longer runtime. Some JLG electric scissor lift models offer a standard oscillating axle, 35 percent grade ability, rugged all-terrain tires and available all-wheel drive. These JLG electric scissor lift models allow you to go from rugged terrain and back again.

JLG electric scissor lifts have an electric drive and integrated components with only two hydraulic hoses and four hydraulic fittings on the entire machine. The simple design allows our JLG electric scissor lifts to stay on the job longer and reduce operating cost by reducing chances for leaks and service calls. JLG electric scissor lifts have a narrow design which allows them to pass thru most standard doorways.

Skyjack Scissor Lift

No matter what construction or maintenance project you have, one of Skyjacks models should meet your scissor lift needs. Skyjack is a company who have recently begun to produce rough terrain machines that are compact enough to fit through a set of double doors. Skyjack produces more than 4,000 scissor lifts each year that are categorized in the 30ft. to 44ft. series, including compact and non-compact models.

Rent Skyjack Electric Scissor Lifts

Skyjack electric scissor lift offers an easy to service, low maintenance design in a compact and versitile package. Equiped with variable speed front wheel hydraulic drive, and 90 degree steering the Skyjack electric scissor lift is able to maneuver in very small spaces. A Skyjack electric scissor lift offers a durable steel swing out component trays provide unrestriced access for easy maintenance and service. Skyjack electric scissor lifts come with a standard color coded and numbered wiring system with analog based controls.

Snorkel Scissor Lifts

Snorkel International is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of aerial work platforms. They have a full product catalog, including rough terrain and narrow slab scissor lifts. All of the Snorkel Scissor lifts fit into one of two categories, rough terrain or slab. When working on smooth terrain, slab lifts are the most efficient machine for you to use. These battery powered scissor lifts are packed with safety features like slope level sensor interlocks and built-in pothole protection. There is also a wide selection of standard options which set these machines apart from their competitors, who only offer these features at an additional cost.

The rough terrain lifts are designed to give the user the best stability, no matter what type of surface the machine is on. They are more powerful and larger than slab models; making them ideal for rough and uneven work areas.

The working height of the Snorkel rough terrain scissor lifts is between 31ft.to 46ft. These machines come with huge platforms of 84 sq. ft. and weight limits of up to 1750 lbs. They are tough, reliable lifts with diesel or duel fuel engines that allow years of outstanding performance.
Genie Scissor Lift

There are many different models of Genie Scissor lift, each with its own height capability and available options. The Genie is durable, easy to use and safe. The company has over 30 years of experience behind their products with ever changing innovation. Some of the benefits of a Genie Scissor lift include: working heights of 21 to 59 feet, electric drives, side platform extensions, the ability to access narrow areas, and gas machines that run smooth on rough terrain.

Genie scissor lifts

Genie lifts are safe and durable, and come standard with a large selection of features. Examples include steel guardrails made of heavy duty steel to give you maximum balance and platforms that are made of steel and feature a slip resistant surface. Another feature is the ability to carry large loads by raising or lowering the telescoping end rail.

Electric Scissor lifts:

  • Provide a full range of platform heights from 19 ft. to 40 ft.
  • Equipped with Long battery duty cycles for hours of operation in multi-shift conditions
  • Provide Smooth controls combined with fast lift and drive speeds for improved productivity for the operator
  • Include extension decks
  • Favored for Indoor Use

Gas Powered Scissor lifts:

  • Self-propelled rough terrain scissor lifts
  • Heights ranging from 27' to 50'
  • All units have extension decks
  • Gas, diesel, and propane engines available
  • All units have standard rough terrain tires
  • Safety belt attachments available
  • All units have proportional controls
  • All units have power to platform
  • Ideal for outdoor use, where exhaust fumes will not pose a problem

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