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"Their excellent service, equipment and punctuality had been the driving factors for Desert Plastering to continue our business endeavor with Ahern Rentals."

Masonry Division, Desert Plastering, LLC.

"Point Blank Framing is quite pleased to be doing business with Ahern Rental. Our sales rep is always available and very helpful…"

Alice Miller, Point Blank Framing

"Ahern Rentals is dedicated to being a technology leader and to getting the job done right the first time."

Nick Schlumpf, Zones Inc.

"Your locations all over town are conveniently located and your repair shop is first rate. We appreciate your service and hope to have a long customer/client relationship."

David M. Davis, Advanced Demolition Technologies

"When it comes to equipment rentals, my local branch 'rocks' KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Thank you."

Manuel Benavides, Boulevard Mall

"Ahern's service is fantastic. They have a tremendous inventory, always delivering what I need when I need it."

Keith Gast, Gast Steel

"They are Jonny on the spot. Service is unbeatable."

Dino Iannucci and Scott Free, Bombard

"Ahern takes care of business better than many other places."

Josh Black, JLG

"It's been a pleasure working with them."

Scott Boivin, Skyjack

"Their staff is organized and they are always thinking ahead. It's fun working with them. I think they're a successful company that will continue to be successful in the future."

Chris Flurer, Sherwin Williams

"The folks at Ahern are true professionals. Ahern is always on top of it!"

Kevin Go, AC/Hughes Supply - Standard Battery

"The folks at Ahern treat us like their number one vendor. They are a real pleasure to do business with."

Tom Creagh, AC/Hughes Supply- Standard Battery

"We could not have completed all the work we have done without the assistance of Ahern Rentals."

Kris Pool, Atlas Mechanical, Inc.

"We have worked with Don Ahern on several projects and have found that he is a great business man and a great force within the community."

Kristin Neuman, APTUS Architecture.

"I take pleasure in doing business with Ahern Rentals, because I know that I am dealing with a stable, reputable and secure firm."

Carlos Avemaria, Buenos Aires A/C & Heating, Inc.

"There is one company however that continually goes above and beyond the call. That company is Ahern. Whether it's generators, fork lifts, rock trucks or excavators, they are our first call when the need arises."

Ken Flippin Jr., Flippin's Trenching

"Thank you so much for bending over backwards for us. You are what 'great customer service' means."

Elizabeth McCafferty, Freeman Marketing Events.

Ahern Rentals COVID-19 Commitment to Safety

Ahern Rentals Customers,

The safety and well-being of our customers, workers, and families is the top priority for all of us at Ahern Rentals.  We appreciate the trust that you all place in us at each Ahern location across the country. In the current environment, we feel it is important to monitor the rapidly evolving situation involving coronavirus (COVID-19) and provide updates as this situation evolves.

Our teams are focused and committed to delivering the equipment and services our customers need to get through this difficult time. We are confident that we will continue to meet your expectations and project requirements at each jobsite and facility across the country.  We have taken the following steps to address the COVID-19 situation. 

  • We have taken time to educate and inform our employees and families regarding the potential impact of this virus including actions that should be taken to reduce the risk of infection.
  • We have asked that any employee not feeling well to stay at home and monitor their symptoms.
  • We have adopted a policy to fist bump or elbow bump in-lieu of shaking hands.
  • We have limited all business travel to trips essential for operations and have asked employees to use video conferencing whenever possible.
  • Employees that have been in a high-risk situation for work or personal have been asked to self quarantine for 14 days.
  • We have assembled a group of leaders to continually monitor the COVID-19 situation and make ongoing recommendations to reduce risk for all.
  • We have restricted meetings and gatherings to no more than 10 people in large areas, and when possible, to attend meetings by telephone or video conferencing.
  • We have established social distancing protocols to ensure that staff maintain a 6-foot personal separation from other staff during meetings, discussions, transportation, etc.
  • We have communicated with our vendors and suppliers these policies and have asked that they also implement them similar precautions when visiting an Ahern Rentals location. 

We know everyone is concerned about COVID-19 and the impact that it could have on your life and potentially your life’s work. Thank you for your continued support during this trying time.  If you have an existing equipment reservation, we look forward to supporting you and your project.  If you are visiting an Ahern Rentals location, we welcome you and look forward to assisting.  Thanks again for your commitment to Ahern Rentals during this unique situation.

Don Ahern