Turn up the volume on your live event production with a wide selection of general and high reach equipment. Rock on and off the stage with just the right mix of rental products for building stages, powering equipment and moving materials.

Specialized Equipment

TV Carrier Attachment

A special S-hook raking system, exclusively for Snorkel scissor lifts, can be used to mount TV monitors onto the side of the platform during transport.

Popular products

  • Forklifts – Hang equipment, unload freight
  • Scissor lifts – Hang speakers, drapes
  • Boom lifts - Adjust lighting, install electrical work
  • Light towers – Illuminate exterior spaces
  • 3-wheel carts, gator utility carts - Show management
  • Flatbed carts – Set up stages and structures, transport equipment and materials
  • Stake bed trucks – Transport large materials

The Ahern Advantage


Ahern Entertainment is dedicated to supporting your live events and filmed productions from opening day to the final performance.

On-time delivery and pick-up
Clean and well-maintained equipment
Fully charged/fueled upon delivery
Clear and concise invoicing
24/7 technical support
On-site safety training available
Time-saving machine attachments

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