Events & Festivals

Let your next festival take center stage. Create fully interactive experiences for a single, multi-day or multi-location event.

A full lineup of equipment is available for your show-stopping production, such as stage performances, music shows, art installations, conferences and more.

Popular products

  • Forklift - Build structures; unload materials, equipment, merchandise, food & beverage
  • Light towers – Illuminate exterior spaces (parking lots)
  • Generators – Power music equipment and vendor booths
  • Drive carts / flatbed trucks – Transport food & beverage, merchandise

The Ahern Advantage


Ahern Entertainment is dedicated to supporting your live events and filmed productions from opening day to the final performance.

On-time delivery and pick-up
Clean and well-maintained equipment
Fully charged/fueled upon delivery
Clear and concise invoicing
24/7 technical support
On-site safety training available
Time-saving machine attachments

Contact us any time at 855-853-2487 or send us a message at