Emergency & Disaster Response Products & Services. How can you help during COVID-19?

Ahern Rentals is providing urgent support with general and equipment rentals, temporary shelters and facilities, and 24/7 customer service. Infrastructure is critical for mobilizing and administering immediate emergency and medical relief.

Timing is everything, and Ahern Rentals has the right tools and team to create safe and swift solutions when needed most for healthcare providers, local and state government, and tent and structure companies.

Ahern Rentals can provide a wide range of products & services, including generators, security support, and shelter and medical facilities:

Tools & Equipment

Emergency Room

  • Power Generators (5kW to 600kW)
  • Barricades and Traffic Control
  • Jersey Barriers
  • Portable Light Towers
  • Security Fencing
  • Portable Testing Stations (Cubes, inflatables, tents)
  • Homeless Covid-19 Mitigation Facilities (Fully functional shelter)
  • On-Site Security Cameras and Detectors

Shelters & Medical Facilities by Xtreme Cubes

Shelters & Medical Facilities by Xtreme Cubes

  • Emergency and COVID-19 Admissions Buildings (Cubes)
  • Clearspan Fabric Structures and Frame Tents for larger expansions
  • Cranes, forklifts and scissor lifts for building tent structures
  • Room Divider System for interior patient room walls (AGAM and OCTONORM)
  • CUBE Storage Pods (8', 10' or 12' wide, and up to 60' long)
  • CUBE Pressurized Containment Chambers for Tent Access Points
  • CUBE Pharmacy Unit
  • CUBE Toilet Facilities with up to 12 Stalls plus sinks
  • CUBE Stand-Alone Sink Units for handwashing stations
  • CUBE Potable Water Containment Units
  • CUBE Sewage Containment Units
  • CUBE Kitchen Facilities
  • Portable AC and Heating Units
  • PPE: Masks, Gowns, Beds and Cots

Visit Xtreme Cubes Emergency-Related Shelters for more details.

Tent Companies

CUBE Restroom Facilities, Showers and Handwashing Stations

  • Cranes for Clear-Span Structures (20-80 meter aluminum truss frames)
  • Scissor Lifts for installations (tent sides, hard panels)
  • Power & HVAC Generators
  • Generator Distribution, Back-ups, Maintenance and Fuel Service
  • Forklifts for material handling (tent parts, barrels, aluminum truss)
  • CUBE Restroom Facilities, Showers and Handwashing Stations
  • CUBE Pressurized Bio-Containment Ingress/Egress Units
  • CUBE Storage Containers
  • Patient Room Dividers (AGAM and OCTANORM)
  • CUBE Admissions/Triage Buildings
  • On-Site Security Cameras


Mobile Fueling Service

  • 24/7 or On-Call Maintenance
  • Mobile Fueling Service

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