Safety Training

Safety first, safety always.

We take a leadership approach to safety. We not only highly train our own employees through the Academy at Ahern, but we also offer certified safety and operator training, plus product familiarization to our customers.

Our highly qualified instructors provide the following safety training classes:

  • Rough Terrain Forklifts (All)
  • Powered Industrial Trucks (Warehouse Folklifts)
  • Skyjack™ Specific Lifts (Slab Scissors, Articulated Booms, Rough-Terrain Scissors, etc.)
  • Snorkel™ Booms Lifts (All)
  • JLG™ Specific Lifts (Scissors & Booms)
  • Genie™ Specific Lifts (Scissors & Booms)

Classes include:

  • Short safety video of the specific equipment types
  • A written test
  • Hands-on specific equipment training
  • Certificate of Completion Card at the end of the course

Ahern training can be delivered either on the project site or at an Ahern Rentals location.

Call 800-400-1610 or speak to your Ahern Rentals sales representative for details.