Ahern Companies partners with Trackunit® for telematics

Mon, June 8, 2020

The Ahern Family of Companies is pleased to announce that it has selected Trackunit® as its telematics platform partner.

Owned by Don F. Ahern, the Ahern Family of Companies includes Ahern Rentals™, the largest independently-owned rental company in North America, Xtreme Manufacturing™ and Snorkel™, and an extensive global distribution network, including Diamond A Equipment™ in the USA, and international Ahern dealerships in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Deutschland, Germany, Iberica, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand.

“We conducted an expansive search of more than 14 telematics providers, including a multi-month pilot scheme. At the conclusion of the study, our telematics committee selected Trackunit as our telematics partner. Our requirements are extensive since we encompass rental, manufacturing and distribution, and we resolved that Trackunit was the best-suited to the needs of our customers. With the integration points to our existing ERP software suites, we expect to be able to recognize the full value of the Trackunit platform across the family of companies.”

— Don Ahern, CEO, Ahern Companies

Trackunit will be deployed across the Ahern Rentals fleet within the next three years, and new Xtreme and Snorkel lifts will be assembled with a Trackunit compatible connection for customers who wish to install the telematics. This will become available in late 2020 and rolled out across the global manufacturing footprint by model type with OEM branded dashboards. The Trackunit telematics solution will also be available on products sold through the Ahern Companies distribution channels, including Diamond A Equipment and Ahern International.

“It was imperative that our chosen telematics solution is a well-accepted and proven solution for our customer base, and also satisfied the needs of our internal stakeholders. Trackunit is a global product, meaning that our customers can have consistency of data, no matter where their equipment is manufactured or located.

A benefit of evaluating the available telematics solutions from a trilateral rental, manufacturing and distribution perspective is that we are confident in Trackunit’s ability to meet the needs of our customers, and all of our stakeholders."

— Mike Stilwagner, CIO, Ahern Companies

Ahern Companies signed the agreement with Trackunit in early May 2020 and is commencing rollout in the rental fleet with immediate effect.

“We are extremely excited to begin this partnership with Ahern Companies at a time of transformation within our industry as the focus shifts from gathering to utilizing data. Ahern Companies’ decision to rollout the telematics solution across their business during this time is testament to their commitment to using data for the long-term benefit of their businesses, their customers, and the industry.”

— Jeff Cohen, President at Trackunit

For more information on Trackunit, please visit www.trackunit.com, and for more on Ahern Family of Companies, please visit www.aherncompanies.com.